Under cover of night a truck arrives at an anonymous factory, and delivers a large container. What ever is in it, it's not harmless, because it's being watched by heavily armed guards. As it turns out, the sole content of the container is a girl (Shu Qi). A beautiful, innocent looking, scared girl. At the first opportunity, she jumps our of her cage, and makes a run for it.

Out of the shadows step a menacing looking man with white hair. He is the only thing standing between the girl and freedom. Suddenly he pulls out a gun and shoots her with no hesitation. She stumbles to the ground and lies still. Is she dead? Time will tell...

Jump to another time and place.

A military wedding is in progress. Just as the couple is about to exchange their vows, they are interrupted by the Bad Boys Squad! Who? Well, The Bad Boys Squad is a detective agency consisting of King (Ekin Cheng), Jack (Louis Koo) and Queen (Kristy Yeung), King's sister. Their speciality is finding that lost love you never really got over.

They show the bride a videotape of her old flame, who begs her to come back to him. Since she never really wanted to be at that wedding in the first place, the choice is easy. She decides to run off with The Bad Boys! Luckily they happen to have a cool sports car standing by, so they race to the car, with the groom and his friends in hot pursuit. To cover their escape, they detonate several hidden bombs, which blows everything up! The Bad Boys make their getaway as the wedding guests duck for their lives. Another job completed to perfection!

Later that night the Bad Boys head for the local disco for a little R & R. King quickly gets into trouble, when several of his girlfriends show up. While King is busy keeping track of his various women, he spots a beautiful girl entering the disco. This is the same girl we saw in the opening scene. She's accompanied by the same creepy white haired guy, who calls her Eleven. She appears to be under the influence or something, because she looks around as if she sees everything for the first time.

Next day, the Bad Boys get another case. The young artist Tin Ai (Daniel Chan) needs for them to find a girl who went missing almost 14 months ago. During a stay in Macau Tin Ai ran into a girl called Shadow. They fell in love, but suddenly one day she disappeared. Tin Ai takes out a picture of Shadow and shows it to them. King immediately recognises her as the girl from the disco, and takes the case, confident that he can find her again in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile a successful businessman Mr. Yung, brings the Bad Boys their next case. First he shows them a picture of his old flame Kwan Chin, a professional athlete. The picture looks like Eleven... and Shadow. Then he shows them a picture of another woman. This is the one he wants them to find, he suspects that she is the daughter he never knew he had, with Kwan Chin. The picture shows Eleven dancing in the disco. Somewhat perplexed the Bad Boys take this case as well.

Two cases. Three girls, who look exactly like each other. Surely this can't be a coincidence? Needless to say, it's not. The Bad Boys are about to get into a whole lot of trouble.

King quickly manage to track down Eleven, but no sooner has he made contact with her, before the white haired guy shows up with his henchmen to claim her. King and Eleven run, and he discovers that she has almost super-human abilities. Later when they return to the Bad Boys' stronghold, he also discovers that she has the mental capacity of a child, almost as if she recently came into existence. Who IS this girl? Why can't she remember anything about her life? What's her connection to the other women who look like her? And will King be able to keep his hands off her long enough to learn the answers?

David Bjerre