In a little fishing town in Taiwan lives a simple innocent girl by the name of Bu (Shu Qi). Her parents operate a small restaurant, and there is little if any excitement in her life. She longs for romance, love and adventure. Then one day she finds a message in a bottle. The note inside simply says "I'm waiting for you", signed Albert. Bu is immediately struck by this romantic gesture. In a heartbeat she makes a decision: She packs her bag and heads for Hong Kong to find this Albert.

Enter CN (Jackie Chan), a new age millionaire living alone in a gigantic ridiculously high-tech apartment. His business is his life, and even his trusty assistant pesters him to find a girlfriend. But CN has no time for such banalities. He is about to take over a new company, and love is the last thing on his mind.

Bu arrives in Hong Kong, where she finds the apartment of Albert (Tony Leung). Unfortunately it turns out that he is flaming homosexual, and sent the message in a bottle to his ex-boyfriend in the hope of winning him back. Bu's heart sinks as all her romantic dreams disappear in an instant. Though his initial idea is to kick her out, Albert takes pity on her, and lets her stay with him. She might as well see Hong Kong, now that she's here.

Albert works as a make-up artist, and the next day Bu accompany him to a photo shoot on a yacht. When Bu gets a moment to herself, while the others are below deck, she spots a couple of other boats nearby, where an interesting scene is playing out.

CN is having a secret meeting with a woman, but they are interrupted when his nemesis LW (Emil Chau) shows up with his hoodlums. They board the boat in an attempt to persuade CN to give up trying the buy out LWs company, and to make sure he gets the message, they try to kick his ass.

Bu sees an opportunity for adventure, grabs a boat, and comes to CN's rescue. Their getaway is effective, but no sooner are they out of harms way, before the boat hits a small reef. It's stuck and they have to spend the night in the boat, under the starry sky, while they wait for a rescue party. Soon sparks begin to fly.

The next morning they are rescued, and CN takes Bu to his mansion to have breakfast. He quickly becomes infatuated with the high-spirited girl, and her appetite for life. He invites her to dinner, and Bu accepts. A romantic date follows, but the couple is interrupted when LW shows up again. This time he's hired a fighter from America to beat CN fair and square in a kickboxing match. CN has no choice but to accept the challenge.

CN fights well, but he is not the fighter he once was, and he loses to his faster and younger opponent. He wows to get back in shape for a rematch.

With Bu's help he begins to train again. The more time he spends with her, the more he begins to appreciate her, but his mind is still on business and the upcoming fight. Little does he realise just how much Bu will change his life...

David Bjerre