Grace (Shu Qi) is a Hong Kong detective down on her luck. Her latest undercover operation ends with the suspect being killed and on the home front things are only slightly better. Grace is being pursued by two guys. Both egged on by her roommate Joey, who thinks Grace should marry. But Grace is reluctant, because she wants to find Mr. Perfect. Actually she's been having strange dreams lately. In them a guy in a white suit saves her, and she's convinced that he is the man for her. When Joey, who's a model, is going on a photoshoot in Malaysia, Grace decides it's time for some vacation and she joins her.

But little do they know that they are about to get into a whole lot of trouble. You see, Joey's agent Mr. Chan (Lam Suet) is involved in a shady deal, concerning a "Missile Tracking System" that No. 1 bad guy Poon (Simon Yam) and his oversexed girlfriend (Ruby Wong) are very interested in. On the other hand two secret agents Alex (Andy On) and Teddy (Hui Sui-Hung) are trying to get a hold of the system. Also a guy who nearly ruined Grace's last case is hiding in Malaysia and he accidentally stumbles upon the missile system, only to throw it away. And to top it all of, Grace's two suitors arrive at the hotel to claim her heart. Oh yeah, and Grace discovers that there's a guy in a white suit living on the same hotel!

But somehow all these different destinies will fit together. And maybe Grace will find her Mr. Perfect after all...

David Bjerre