The movie opens in 1992, where we meet Bill (Leon Lai) who's a stockbroker, and Maggie (Carina Lau) who works in a beauty shop. They both lead busy lives and they both struggle to become successful. Maggie however is very discontent. Her father's a gambler, and her boss harasses her sexually. Oh, and the customers suck too.

As Bill and Maggie are waiting in line for a restaurant, a couple behind them argue. Suddenly Maggie sees how her entire life will pan out, and she realises she wants more and so she dumps Bill right there and then. Her point is that they should each try to succeed in life, and if they are really destined to be together they will meet again for sure.

Bill seeks out his best friend, whose sister Moon dreams of travelling to America. Bill's friend suggest they go to the states together.

Jump forward 6 years.

Bill is in Japan on business. Moon works as his ever present secretary, and he's got a girlfriend Joey (Shu Qi) who's a famous actress. He's highly successful and he leads a good life.

One day Bill and Joey have an argument and they break up in the middle of the street. Joey drives off, but when Bill turns around he sees Maggie standing in the middle of the street, and suddenly his love for her swells up again. Maggie however is engaged to the gangster boss Peace in Hong Kong.

When Maggie returns to Hong Kong Bill follows, in an effort to confront Peace and try to woo Maggie all over again. Meanwhile Moon, who follows Bill everywhere, has a huge crush on him, and suddenly Joey shows up and claims she's still in love with Bill.

Now Bill must make a choice. But so must Maggie. And what about Moon? Will she ever summon the courage to tell Bill how she feels?

David Bjerre