soundtrack cover



  1. Computer Data - Not Playable
  2. "That Year, This Day" - Music Video with Shu Qi and Richie Jen


  1. Overture
  2. "I'm the present time" - HOCC
  3. "That Year, This Day" - Shu Qi and Richie Jen
  4. Fight on the Bridge
  5. Beauties Recruitment
  6. Catch Me if You Can
  7. "Disco Love" - Park Young-Ho
  8. Fight Off #1
  9. Fight Off #2
  10. "Wasting the Wonderful Time in the Hot Spring"
  11. Conversation in the Balcony
  12. The Station
  13. Show Time
  14. Chaser

Translation courtesy of Fanny.


Forget the indifferent sappy pop songs that will annoy you almost before they begin, forget that the main theme a blatant rip-off of "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyamu Hotei (prominently featured in "Kill Bill vol. 1"), forget the occasional blunder into la-la land, with sounds more suited for a children TV-show about clowns. Forget all these things and you're left with... erhm, wait a second.... oh yeah, NOTHING!

This soundtrack is so forgettable, you may accidentally buy it 11 times before you remember you have it. Even though it includes CD-rom content, a sweet music video with Shu Qi (in very bad quality I might add), it's simply not worth the price tag. And did I remember to mention that it may not even work if you play it on your computer? Apparently they are incapable of making a proper CD/CD-Rom hybrid disk in Hong Kong.

David Bjerre