She makes her way though the dark corridors, with steps so soft they would put a cat to shame. All is quiet and the building is empty. She realises something's wrong the moment she reaches the first guard's position. He's lying on the floor and he's not moving. She steps into the room where the vault is located, and she's not surprised to find that someone else is already there. A guy is sitting on a chair, looking thoughtfully at the door to the vault. Perhaps introductions are in order.

Her name is J.J. (Shu Qi), she's a thief and she's there for the plates. His name is Lam (Tony Leung). Thief, when he wants to be. Secret agent, when circumstances force him to. And con man extraordinaire, any day of the week. He's also there for the plates.

Lam doesn't wait for her to make a move. When the time is right he simply slides across the floor on the chair, regardless of the alarms. He places a charge on the vault, and blows the door off. Then he removes a silver briefcase from the vault, and checks the content. Inside there are two plates, used for making counterfeit US dollars. Then he runs. And she follows.

Once outside they're attacked by several guards. The two thieves manage to work together and get away with the briefcase, but in the last moment J.J. slips away, leaving Lam behind. Too late she realises that he too framed her. The briefcase is empty. He's got the plates. First round to the guys, but this game is far from over.

The following day. Lam arrives at the U.S. embassy to return the plates. For a small fee, of course. He meets with the embassy representative, Owen Lee (Richie Ren), who shows him to a conference room. It doesn't strike Lam as particularly odd that the embassy is empty, nor does he suspect anything fishy when he's offered a glass of wine.

When he wakes up again the plates are gone and he's put under arrest.

It turns out that Owen Lee was on leave from his job at the embassy, and now he has run off to Seoul to try and sell the plates. Lam must catch him and recover the plates, so he can clear his name. So he does what he always does, he calls in some help. Lam rounds up his usual helpers, a band of deeply devoted girls, who'll do anything to win his affection, and kick anybody's ass just for fun. They go to work right away, trying to track down Lee. Time is of the essence, because Lee is attempting to sell the plates to the notorious gangster Polar Bear. But keeping up with Lee proves to be a bigger problem than they anticipated. He always seems to slips away, just when they think they've got him.

After yet another near miss, J.J. suddenly shows up again. She's got an offer: Suppose they joined forces and worked together to catch Lee? And suppose they split the reward after that? Can J.J. and Lam stop conning each other long enough to con Lee? Perhaps. One thing's for certain. They're going to have to get really creative to make this work.

David Bjerre