15 years ago a little girl witnesses a horrible event. A man (Anthony Wong) is pushed in front of a cable car. His head is is cut off by one of the wheels, but the body still gets up, and staggers around.

Jump to present day. We meet Peter (Eason Chan) and his roommate Simon (Sam Lee) in a disco. They are dancing and having fun, but suddenly Peter finds himself without a partner. Slightly disappointed Peter begins to head home, but then he runs into a girl (Shu Qi) and begins to dance with her.

However, suddenly she panics, covers her eyes and drags him out of the disco. They leave together and after a stop in a karaoke bar - where he learns that her name is June - she leaves in a hurry again, and they end up at his place. She starts to cry, then she throws herself at him and a moment later they end up in bed.

When Peter wakes up, June is gone and there's red paint all over the apartment. Some night! Peter and Simon discover someone in the bathroom... it's Peters father. He also has red paint all over. He's delirious and claims to have been possessed and proceeds to bite Simon's nose!

Later Peter meets up with June again on a trip with some friends. After a cosy beach party June takes her girlfriend - called Fatso - home, and Peter joins them. Suddenly Fatso begins to act weird and June panics and wants to leave.

When Peter tries to talk to Fatso, he realises she's in the process of stabbing herself in the leg! It seem like she's possessed by a disgruntled spirit and Peter has to act like some past lover for her to calm down again and be un-possessed (if that's even a word).

After this June is forced to come clean. On the way home she reveals to Peter that she can in fact see ghost with her left eye, which is why she acts a bit strange, and also why she wears sunglasses most of the time. But is June just an innocent victim or does trouble follow her everywhere she goes? And does it really matter, since Peter has such a major crush on her? After all, why let a bit of ghostspotting get in the way of true love...

David Bjerre